Instructions for Use

Instructions for Proper Use

In order for the Bio-Electric Response to perform its intended use, the follow procedures must be followed:

    1. Connect the Electrodes to the lead wire pins
    2. Connect the lead wire plug to the jack located on the Fintek Bio-Electric Response.
    3. Remove the plastic pads on the electrodes; place the electrodes directly on either side (ie opposing sides, bracketing the extremity, refer to the diagram below) of the fracture site and directly on the skin to create a circuit.
    4. Move the power switch to the on position. The flashing green light indicates a circuit has been formed and treatment is in process.  Keep the electrode pads placed on either side of the injury site until full treatment time has elapsed (three hours).  The device will stop treatment automatically after the three hours has elapsed, but you must ensure to turn off the unit by switching the power button to ‘off’.  This will help to prolong the life of the device’s battery which will continue to drain if the switch is left in the “ON” position.
    5. Treat the injured site, every day, consistently until the fracture/fusion has healed or your doctor has notified you that your treatments are complete.
    6. Place the electrodes back on the plastic pads after your daily treatment has completed to extend life of electrodes.

If you have questions about how to use the device at any point during your treatment, please contact Fintek Bio-Electric and we will be happy to assist in helping you out.

Electrodes and Leads

Warnings for Use

The Bio-Electric Response unit should not be used by pregnant women, or patients with a pacemaker. Consult your physician if you are pregnant or if you have a heart pacemaker.  The Fintek Bio-Electric Response should only be used on patients who are skeletally mature.


The Bio-Electric Response device should not be used on patients who have synovial pseudoarthrosis.

Low Battery and the Replacement of Battery Instructions                                              

There is a small red LED light located on the response unit.  When the light turns and stays red and you hear two beeps, this indicates that the battery is running low and should be replaced.   Before replacing the used battery, make sure that the unit is turned off. To replace the used battery, open the compartment housing the 9V DC battery, remove the used battery and replace with a new one, observing the correct polarity as shown in the diagram.  It is possible to damage the unit by attempting to operate it in reverse polarity.

 Proper Storage Conditions

The Bio-Electric Response Bone Growth Stimulator should be kept in a dry place  at room temperature.  It should not be kept in an area with high humidity as this could cause damage to the device’s transformer.  The device should never come in contact with water as this could also cause damage to the unit.

Placement of Electrodes

In order for the Response unit to perform its intended use, the electrodes should be placed on opposing sides of the fracture site to create an arc.  Ensure that the area where electrodes are to be placed is clean to maintain the life of the electrodes. In cases where the electrodes must be placed on the same surface, ie spine, the electrodes need to be placed at least four inches apart to ensure an effective circuit is established with the bone.

To extend the life of the electrodes, once they start to lose their adhesiveness, you can dampen the area where the electrodes are to be placed to stick the electrodes to the skin.  In addition,

Jeff's leg

For more information on the device or to see our user manual click below:

Fintek User Manual Rev 9

Or contact us at or 905-633-8636