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The Bio-Electric Response is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Capacitively Coupled Bone Growth Stimulator that delivers electrical impulses at a base frequency of 50KHz to 60KHz to stimulate the healing process of fractured bones and surrounding damaged tissue.  This specific frequency level has been found effective in healing fractures and fusions that would not normally heal, particularly in patients that may have additional health or injury factors that increase the risk of delayed/non-union.

The Bio-Electric Response can be used on patients with appendicular fractures (upper extremity, lower extremity, clavicle and pelvic fractures) and spinal fractures.  The electrodes provided with the device cover a large fracture area and can be used on multiple fractures, segmental fractures, and comminuted fractures.  A qualified Fintek Bio-Electric staff member will personally train each patient on the use of the Fintek Bio-Electric Response and they provide follow-up with the patient on regular intervals to alleviate any questions they may have.  We will additionally provide each patient with enough supplies to ensure that they have completed their treatment.
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The Fintek Bio-Electric Response is a lightweight, portable hand-held device that clips to your belt, or can be kept in your pocket.  The unit is timed for three hours of treatment daily for 9 months of treatment.  The unit runs on a standard 9V DC alkaline battery, which provides up over 50 hours of use on a single battery.

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