Fintek Bio-Electric


Fintek Bio-Electric Inc. is the Canadian developer and manufacturer of the Fintek Bio-Electric Response, a capacitively-coupled electrical Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) bone growth stimulator. The key components are made for us in a high-tech electronics manufacturing facility in Quebec and final assembly and testing are performed in Burlington, Ontario. The Response is made to  output a 50 KHz to 60 KHz electrical base frequency which has been substantiated in many years of medical clinical testing to produce the optimum healing effect in bone fractures and fusions. Through capacitive coupling the signal actually forms a circuit with the bone and the results are often incredible in the rapidity with which healing is enhanced and restored.  Unlike some of our foreign made competitors’ products, it’s not fancy.  Minimal bell and whistles – it just works.  It works anywhere on the body and it’s easy to use.  It doesn’t interfere with you getting on with your life while healing. There is really no limit to the fracture and fusion applications it can be applied to with full effect, and virtually all patients can ambulate and go about their daily routine while treating with the Response.

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